About S-Steel

Our goal is to become a reputable and reliable company that serves the design needs of steel structures for a wide range of partners and customers.

 At S-STEEL, we believe that credibility and responsibility are the cornerstone of accurate and perfect designs for our partners. We strive to build quality projects that stand the test of time, ensuring the sustainable development of the company. Additionally, we maintain and develop our brand identity domestically while fostering a friendly and professional working environment for all members.

S-STEEL Co., Ltd was established on June 18, 2021 with 100% foreign investment from UCHIDA TEKKOUJYO Joint Stock Company in Japan.
S-STEEL operates in the construction industry, providing services in steel structure design and project management for steel structure product processing. S-STEEL’s employees have been trained and worked in Japan, so they have a good understanding of the culture and work style of the Land of the Rising Sun, along with a youthful and enthusiastic spirit.
Furthermore, the company is trained in new techniques in the steel structure industry by the investor company to best meet the needs of their customers.

Core values

With the spirit of providing the best service to customers, S-STEEL culture is reflected through 5 core values:

1. Integrity

S-Steel always values honesty, lives and works in accordance with ethical standards, and does not compromise its own values or those of others.

2. Responsibility

S-Steel considers "Trustworthiness" as the core value in its sustainable development strategy. We always strive to fulfill our commitments with utmost sincerity while ensuring our actions are correct. In case of any mistakes, we are ready to bear the consequences.

3. Passion

S-Steel always puts in 100% energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness towards work. They leverage their full potential and are willing to pursue and adapt to market changes.

4. Creativity

S-Steel encourages its members to search for and learn new things, improve their existing skills, and find new methods to optimize objectives for more effective work.

5. Professional

S-Steel believes that professionalism is one of the most important factors in achieving work efficiency. Each team member continuously improves their knowledge, experience, and skills, while maintaining a proactive, dedicated, and serious working style, in order to provide the best products to customers.